OLIVE-OIL / OLIVE: Ideal for hair and body, as it contains vitamin E. Prevents hair from falling out and dandruff.

ORANGE: Used especially in oily skin and hair. Enforces epidermal protection in sensitive skins as a natural skin tonic. Not recommended for dry skins and for face.

JUNIPER: Removes itch and thick dandruff from hair and skin and prevents hair from falling out. Very effective in any kinds of skin problems, eczema and pustules.

HONEY: Anti-aging effect on dry skin type, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Effective in colored hair.

CINNAMON: Gives, except for sensitive skins, a shiny touch to all skin and hair types and reduces freckles. Its nice smell is relaxing.

LAVENDER: Effective in spoiled skin texture and in removing spots of burned skin, pustules and blackheads. Removes fine dandruff from hair.

HACKBERRY: Has a balancing effect in oily skin. Nourishing and strengthening.

THYME: Effective against acne, fungi, pustules, itch and fissures as to its antiseptic feature. Ideal for hair and skin. Not recommended for allergic skin types.

DAPHNE: Opens pores of the skin, effective in tratment of irritated and wrinkly skin, pustules, eczema, fungi. Gives hair a shiny touch and makes it stronger. Prevents dandruff.

SAGE: Gives skin a shiny touch and has a firming effect.

CLOVE: Nourishes and strengthens the hair. Especially suitable for all skin types when cleansing the skin. Prevents skin from hanging down and becoming wrinkled, helps against pustules and fissures.

WHEAT: With its richness in Vitamins E, A and D proteins and minerals it helps the skin surface from wear-out, nourishes and strengthens hair.

ALOE VERA: Cell-renewing, skin-nourishing and moisturizing features.

MOSAIC & PICOTEE: Is formed through mixing up two or more soap types together for decorative purpose.


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