Unfortunately, production of natural soap is not controlled adequately; therefore, raw material and production process used are far from being standard.

Why ANNONA Natural Bath products are superior?

  We use stone pressed extra virgin olive oil

  We use cold process rather then boiling method

  Our soaps need 8 weeks before being ready to use; while boiling method allows use right after production

  Pure olive oil contains vitamins A-E-D and K

  In cold proces,Glycerin remains in the soap, while in boiling method it sinks to the bottom and is discarded.

  We use 99.9% pure caustic, free from mercury and manganese. Therefore all caustic is transformed into soap. In boiling method, however, the caustic used is less than 50% pure, containing heavy metals which are not transformed into soap and this causes the soap be too soft. To overcome this, more than necessary amount of caustic is used, and then salt is added to neutralize its negative effects.

  We should remember that the real 'olive oil soap' which is made of high quality olive oil is almost white.

  By cold processing, we obtain a truely natural, skin friendly soap.


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